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Lesson Video: Value Drawing

Value Drawing

This lesson studies contemporary artists Yoko Ono and Banksy.   Do you notice the value transitions in Ono's ink drawing and Banksy's use of high contrast?  Learn about what inspires these artists  as you develop your own value drawing skills.  


Drawing practice for this lesson will include pencil value drawing and using ink stippling to create value transitions.  After learning about the artists, consider  whether these artists' themes are inspiring to you.  Now you can try your hand at value drawing. 


Try out both artists' styles to see which you like the most.   It's important that you enjoy the process of making your artwork.  You could combine Ono's stippling method with Banksy's realism if you wanted.  Getting creative combining artistic influences can be lots of fun.


Final artwork

Your final artwork is an opportunity to illustrate the skills you have learned.