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Lesson Video: My Life Collage

My Life Collage

This lesson focuses on the collage artwork of Romare Bearden.  Referred to as "...the nation's foremost collage artist...," this video lesson explains his complex life and American culture surrounding the World Wars.  Bearden's vivid use of colors set the scene while the cut-out images take you into his world.  This lesson will challenge you to express your life through collage.


Bearden's paintings and collages are both simple and complex.  He used cut out magazine photos and glued them onto paper to make a collage.  Practice with collage making and consider whether you might want to combine it with painting or drawing to make your artwork multi-media.  



The written notes in these sketches are evidence of well thought out possibilities.  The notes consider multiple design and texture options.    The final artwork ultimately combined features from a few of the sketches. 


Your sketches can explore a variety of themes in your life.  Perhaps you want to consider a collage about your family or hobbies?  Maybe you want to focus more on your emotional reality or a combination of the influences in your life.


Final artwork

This won a first place award in the San Diego area and then a California state wide competition.  She used a photograph of herself to underlay the collage self-portrait. 

Final artwork

Your final artwork is an opportunity to explore your interests and identity through magazines, photos, painting and whatever else you would like to glue down on your collage.  Have fun with it!