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Lesson Video: Creative with Shapes

Creative with Shapes

This lesson explores European artists Kandinsky, Gorky and Mondrian.  As you learn about their lives, art, and history, you will be inspired to create your own original shape artwork that focuses on the use of color.  This lesson demonstrates blending colors with oil pastels.


The goals of this lesson are to learn to compose an artwork similar to these artists and to blend with oil pastels.  



This student is using a common color pallet to explore the styles of the  artists featured in this lesson.  


Try out a sketch in the style of each of the artists from this lesson.  Kandinsky's geometric shapes and fluid designs are a stark contrast to Mondrian's straight lines and Gorky's organic shapes.


Final artwork

This student decided to focus on a monochromatic pallet featuring the color blue.  Some may interpret her artwork as abstract peacock feathers, what do you think?  Does it remind you of Gorky's painting style?

Final Artworks

Your final artwork is an exploration of colors and shapes!  Choose colors and shapes that match the mood you wish to convey.