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Lesson Video: Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

This lesson looks at the lives and art of artists Pablo Picasso, Georgia O'Keefe, and Mark Chagall.  Each of these artists had a unique style of abstract art that will be compared in relation to other historical events shaping the art and culture of their time.  The subject of flowers has been chosen to compare these artists, but you are welcome to explore a subject of your interest for your final artwork. 

making your artwork

After you have studied these artists and their techniques, then it will be time to think about your own artwork.  It is suggested a minimum of four practice sketches in order to try out a variety of compositions, subjects, and artistic techniques.  Ideally, your sketches will be mini versions of a potential final artwork.


Student sketches

This  student's sketches are not quite complete, but demonstrate the general ideas being considered for her final artwork.


Sketching is a process of visual contemplation.  Trying each of the three artists unique styles in a variety of compositions.  Remember the subject of the artwork is up to you, so chose  something you are interested in illustrating.  


Final artwork 

This is an example of what a final artwork might look like.  Can you guess which of the artists it was focusing on?

Final Artwork

Your final artwork can be a synthesis of the styles of abstract art you have now practiced.  The artwork example above was derived from O'Keeffe's up close  compositional cropping.  The student chose to use watercolors for this particular artwork.