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Monthly Membership

Monthly Membership-Art Stars

The monthly membership program allows students to build a portfolio and become an Art Star!  Fun for parents and students or any one interested in learning more about art.  Each month focuses on a new technique while students learn about art history and then create  an art project.    We will be studying art from around the world and across time.  The first of this lesson series will be released on September 1st, 2018.  Membership includes....

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Art history videos

Each lesson begins with an art history video.  The video content includes questions that help the student  reflect on the material.  


Technique Demos

Technique videos teach the process of a particular technique students will be studying for the artwork project.  As you can see, this photo focuses on the nibs of bamboo in Sumi-e painting.


Final projects

After the techniques have been learned, it is time to move to the final project.  Some lessons have multiple options for the final project, so students can chose one or make them all!

supplemental materials include

Each lesson includes reflection questions about art history and other resources such as corresponding music, articles or book recommendations, a supply list,  an artwork evaluation rubric, and writing prompts plus more!  See examples of final student artworks in the gallery from this series on Art in World Cultures.  Students can email a photo of their final artwork to have it added to the online gallery.