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Lesson: Expressive Self-Portrait

Expressive Self-Portrait

This lesson explores the complex lives of modern artists: Van Gogh, Kahlo, and Giacometti.  The challenges they faced in their personal lives have been translated into original dynamic artistic techniques.  By learning about these artists, you can speculate about their creative process to help guide your own.



Each of these artists uses a very different style to portray themselves visually.  Van Gogh's painting style is gestural where Kahlo is more controlled.  Giacometti seems to scribble his emotions on the canvas.  Try out all three methods to find what suits your personality most. 



This student is using Giacometti's method of planer analysis to add a strong dimensionality in her self-portrait.


Each of the artists' styles lends itself to a different mood.  Kahlo's more controlled painting requires calm patience, while Van Gogh and Giacometti have an urgent impulse of faster dynamic expression.  Consider your temperament when you work on your artwork.  Do you want to release tension as part of your creative expression or feel in control with a more precise and detailed approach?



This artist focused on color and texture to express  her personality.  Looking at this artwork, what would you speculate about her?


Your self-portrait is a space to express yourself, however you please.  Consider the use of color and gestural symbolism and what they mean to you.