Art Home School

Lesson: Calligraphy


This lesson studies calligraphy from Asian, Arab, and Latin based cultures.  "The art of beautiful writing," was once treasured by these cultures and in this lesson you will learn why.  Explore writing with ink and a brush. 



Sketches can range from learning how to maneuver your brush strokes to writing out a complete poem.


Practice is essential when studying the art of calligraphy.  Calligraphy is easiest if you can match your brush stroke to your breathing. Touch your brush down on the inhale, focus your attention on the destination of the stroke, and move the brush in rhythm with your exhale.  



Students replicate alphabets and symbols they wish to reproduce multiple times. Your sketches can include practices of the words or symbols you plan to use in your final artwork.

Prep work

Try all three of the calligraphy styles to see which you enjoy most.  Your artwork can combine calligraphy styles or just focus in on one, the choice is up to you.  


final Artwork

 The above student artworks combined Asian and Old English calligraphy to write  haiku poetry.   The backgrounds was first painted with watercolors and the symbols and poems were drawn in pencil before a final overlay of ink.