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Black Obsidian

Golden Sheen Obsidian

Golden Obsidean.jpg

Keywords: Healing abuse patterns, activating higher will, enhanced manifestation, leadership

Chakras: Root, solar plexus, third eye, crown chakra

Element: Earth

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Number: 9

Location: South America, Japan, Mexico, Afghanistan, and parts of the United States.

Hardness: 5

Goddess: Persephone


Golden Sheen Obsidian is made when hot volcanic lava meets the waves of the ocean. The golden sheen comes from gas bubbles within the lava that get trapped in the solidification process.


The gold shimmer of spirit’s wealth contrasts the glossy black surface of Golden Obsidian, mesmerizing viewers. This stone represents the transcendent power of our imaginative mind.  Used by seers to peer into the past and future, this stone is considered “mystical”.  Your light creative energy and dark unconscious mind are simultaneously activated when you tune into this stone’s essence.  The extremes of our being begin to crave the integration this crystal beckons.  It’s an invitation for healing. The protective energy of the crystal will bring your fears to light when you are in a safe space to deal with them constructively. Any darkness in your emotional history will wash up with tides of feelings, memories, and experiences that will mirror any trauma that needs your love, attention, forgiveness and lesson learned. Golden Obsidian aids in transforming you into your highest potential, reminding you that you are your first and last authority. Boundary concerns in this world and other realms will become obvious. The titillating golden spiritual realms will tempt you towards oneness and bliss if you take on the full challenge of this stone. The ultimate gift of this gemstone is the balance necessary for aligned leadership in the collective liberation process.

Healing Properties:

Golden Obsidian is exceptionally powerful and a favorite of shamans because it can get to the root cause of blocks in spiritual development. As with the more common Black Obsidian, Golden Obsidian also has properties protection and strengthening associated with the root chakra. This crystal will shield from negative energy and domination.  What is no longer tolerable in ones life will surface to be changed.  Abuse patterns will come up to be healed. New ways of being in the world will be learned. Ideal for individuals ready to “face their demons,” and come out stronger. The solar plexus (will power ) and 3rd eye chakra ( awareness) are activated by the gold flecks bring more clarity into our co-creator potential. Connections between our actions and how we are treated become more evident. Meditation with golden obsidian will aid greatly in releasing victim/abuser patterns and even the judgment of more superficial levels or right and wrong. This crystal offers the multi-function support of grounding and harnessing personal power while expanding consciousness. Recommended for people with extra sensory abilities and those feeling burdened without strong psychic boundaries. Golden obsidian is further useful for individuals who feel stuck in a rut and ready to move forward onto their divine path.  Those seeking to lead others with their life’s purpose would also particularly benefit from golden obsidian.

 Embrace Mediations:

  1. -What am I sacred of?

  2. -What is the lesson of my pain?

  3. -What do I fear in darkness?

  4. -What scares me in my dreams?

  5. -What do I not like about my life?

  6. -What do I need to start saying “no” to?


Transform Meditations:

  1. -What is one step closer towards the life I want?

  2. -How do I want to show up in the world differently?

  3. -What makes me feel alive?

  4. -When do I feel most connected to others?